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Documents and forms:

Here you can find a list of documents required for registration of marriage in Denmark.
Agreed in advance with us the desired date, you must submit documents with translations and an application form at any of the three languages:

Form in English

Form in German

Form in Danish


Documents for the citizens of the EU and other countries, except for Russia and the CIS:


  • Passport
  • Information about marital status and residence permit (not older than 4 months eh)
  • If you are divorced or a widower / widow, then a certificate of dissolution of marriage (with a note of the judgment on entry into force) or the death of a former husband / wife.
  • Completed and signed application form


  • Documents for the citizens of Russia, the CIS, Israel:
  • Passport and valid Schengen visa
  • Help-Form №35 from the registrar's office for Russian citizens, or the Certificate of marital status from the Russian Consulate
  • Statement on marital status, notarized (for citizens of Ukraine)
  • Information about the marital status of the registrar (for CIS citizens)
  • certificate of residence
  • In the event of divorce: divorce certificate / court decision with Apostille *
  • In case of death of the former spouse / spouse death certificate with Apostille *
  • Completed and signed application form

* Apostille - a special form of certification documents for submission to the foreign embassies, consulates and various government agencies, or educational institutions. This form of certification of documents in line with the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 Apostille applies only to countries that are parties to the Convention.
When apostille stamp placed on the document with the inscription: "APOSTILLE (Convention de la Haye du 5 octobre 1961)", which is an essential feature of this procedure.
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